How to do the Rabona Kick

The Rabona is a simple skill where a player kicks the ball with their legs crossed in order to confuse opposing players, avoid crossing the ball with their weaker foot or just to show off. It has become a popular skill done by football fans and freestylers with many players showing off this skill on social media.

How did the Rabona get its name and where did it originate?

The term ‘Rabona’ comes from the expression in Argentina, ‘hacerse le rabona’ which means to skip school with your parent’s permission. In 1948 the Argentinian player Ricardo Infante scored from 35 yards using the trick. The next day Argentian magazines and newspapers used the phrase, ‘the child plays hooky’ in reference to Ricardo Infante ‘skipping’ the use of his weaker foot.

Eventually, the Rabona was popularised by the Italian Winger Giovanni Roccotelli in the 1970’s. A creative player, he was seen performing a ‘crossed kick’ and often used the move on crosses, penalties, and shots on goal to confuse his opponents.

How to do the Rabona?

Today we have the help of John Farnworth, football freestyler and Tik-Tok superstar, to show us how to perfect your Rabona.

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