PRO Range

for future ballers

PRO is the new range from Football Flick, designed for optimum performance and introducing a world first ‘decline’ rebound net. Using premium grade materials and our unique Scientific Validation, PRO helps you become the player you want to be.
This is For Future Ballers
Pro Skills Trainer


Skills Trainer

All in one training platform to help you achieve your future potential. Created to improve touch, control and agility using the front rebounder, passing gate and return ramp.


Develop your touch, control and passing all at once. Create your own combination skills or use our unique training regime to progress the most important elements as a footballer. Train alone or in group sessions with the fully adjustable front rebounder to alter the angle of return and build your core skills along the way.


Front Ramp

Scientifically Validated training drills are optimised using the new front ramp. Premium grade mesh and high tension bands ensure durability. Striking design helps players focus on passing up the ramp and receiving the ball. Large surface area allows for hard passes and long distance returns.



Adjust the rebounder to 7 angles in seconds using the drag & drop pin system. World first ‘decline’ setting actually forces the ball into the ground, causing match-like bounces and improving speed of decision making. The variety of angled returns improves close control using multiple body touchpoints.

pro passing gate

Passing Gate

Improve ground passes using the front passing gate. Only well-placed, accurate passes will make it through and allow for optimal ramp return. Modular design allows for future additional features such as targets to further enhance passing accuracy.

2 Years of Development

Ever since the launch of the world’s first scientifically validated football training equipment – the Urban Skills Trainer – we have always strived to improve not just the quality of our products but also the ways in which our equipment can be used. 

For the past 2 years we have been adapting and developing the Pro Skills Trainer in conjunction with a leading UK University to create a completely unique training platform that is beyond the best in class. Building upon the original Urban Skills Trainer design, the PRO Skills Trainer introduces an entirely new way of interacting with both the curved ramp and rebounder.

Players can still train solo or in a group but removing the target net and repositioning the rebounder to the front brings a new level of focus when training. Rather than having to direct your attention on one aspect, players can now practice multiple skills simultaneously. The unique design of the PRO mesh ramp further enhances concentration and allows for long usage times.

PRO Skills Trainer development 2

Using our new drag and drop pin system, users can easily adjust the angle of the front rebounder in a matter of seconds. 7 different settings create a completely new breadth of training, with players being able alter both the height and speed at which they receive the ball. The rebounder uses our most reactionary material to date, meaning it adaps instantly to the pace at which a ball is hit at it. Pass the ball gently and the rebounder reacts by allowing you to practice short, sharp movements. Strike the ball hard from distance and the net will return the ball at a faster speed to ensure it reaches you. 

The PRO Skills Trainer also introduces a World First – the only training product in world football that allows the ball to be returned to you at a declining angle. When the rebound net is positioned at its maximum downward angle, the ball will actually be forced into the ground and therefore bounce at you before you control it. This ‘match-play’ skill is used multiple times within a match and helps improve the player’s touch whilst also training the mind to make faster decisions.

Already tested and used by elite level academies and grassroots football clubs, the PRO Skills Trainer is helping shape the future of the next generation baller. 

Made from premium grade materials

Constructed from laser cut steel and using the highest grade mesh available, the PRO Skills Trainer is designed to take all the impacts and misses you make as you develop towards your full potential. The brushed coating protects the unit from all weather conditions whilst the durable movement system allows for easy relocation and storage.

Pro Skills Trainer


Skills Trainer

Ideal for players who are looking for the best products available. Use in all training environments such as larger back gardens, grassroots football clubs or elite level academies.

PRO Match

Size 5 ball with superior flight and advanced texture.

PRO Aluminium Goal

High grade 5ft x 3ft aluminium goal with quick fold mechanism. 

PRO Return

Premium grade match ball with heavy duty cord and weighted rubber base.

PRO Wall Rebounder

Unique PRO design rebounder with 2 angles of return.