Thelonious Aasgaard – Football Flick Academy Profile

Thelonious Aasgaard: Football Flick Academy has been a shining light in times of difficulty for the young talent of all ages across the North West. We’ve supported hundreds of kids since lockdown restrictions eased across the UK. Our Football Flick Academy team have been running COVID-Secure training sessions with up to 5 kids, from Under 6’s up to academy level players, on the cusp of a scholarship or a professional contract.

During this series, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best talent to come through our Academy in recent weeks. They speak about their journey so far and about how Football Flick Academy’s top-level coaching & World Class equipment that is on offer at each session has improved their overall game during a global pandemic.

Thelonious Aasgaard

Thelonious Aasgaard is a Center Attacking Midfield for Wigan Athletic. As a small boy, Thelonious was drawn to the game each time he passed his local field where training sessions were being held for kids in the area. His Mum enrolled him in the group, and he has never looked back, joining the team as an U5 & U6.


Aasgaard, who is 18 and currently playing football for Wigan Athletic U23s, is performing well & scoring goals. Despite the trying times at Wigan Athletic & the current pandemic, he’s a determined character and always wanting to improve.


Speaking exclusively to Football Flick he said, “From a young age I have always been so competitive whether it was winning a football match or beating my brother”, “I never took losing well and took winning as the only outcome possible. So the competitive edge to performing in sport is definitely one of the things I love most.”


During the global pandemic, lockdowns were imposed across the UK, which made training very difficult. However, thanks to the help of Football Flick, Thelonious was able to train in a COVID secure manner at Football Flick Academy once restrictions were eased earlier in the summer.

“COVID-19 meant that we had an extended offseason. I had been recommended the program [Football Flick Academy], and it was the perfect way forward for getting back my fitness and touch.”

Thelonious Aasgaard

In our interview with Thelonious Aasgaard he spoke about his experience at Football Flick Academy and how it prepared him for the new season.


 “Football flick has set me up perfectly for the season coming up. A combination of fitness, tactical and technical sessions make the perfect preparation program for athletes in the offseason.”

Football Flick is honoured to have been such an essential part of his journey. There are thousands of kids all across the World who wish to be in his position, so we asked him…


If you could give some advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Thelonious Aasgaard

“If I could give some advice to my younger self it would probably be to try to always be the best you can be in any situation. This gives you the best chance of making the most of your potential. This could apply to gym sessions, football sessions or generally any life situation. I do not regret anything; however, there are always things that you can work on to improve.”


Whether it is in the back garden, grassroots football, or the Football Flick & Wigan Athletic U23s, or even in a professional team, the World’s #1 Training Range is for everyone.