Superhero Goalkeeper

Superhero Goalkeeper

The young Arsenal keeper, Aaron Ramsdale, put in a stunning performance against Leicester last weekend.  He was seen flying through the air, pulling off the save of the season against James Maddison’s awesome freekick like a real Superhero Goalkeeper. Players were seen celebrating the goal but somehow, Ramsdale, with his super agility, managed to save it.  He was unbeatable between the sticks but this is not his only strength, his distribution of the ball with both his hands and feet is second to none. The accuracy, power and precision of his passes surely mean he is knocking on the door to be England’s number one?!

Every team starts at the back and all great teams need a superhero goalkeeper like Ramsdale. Hero’s goalkeeper has superb agility, strength and of course superb catching and kicking ability. These skills have been developed from using the brand new Hero! products by Football Flick.

The Hero! skills belt allows the goalkeeper to practice big kicks and the beauty of this product is that the ball keeps coming back to you so you can keep on practicing time and time again. Your child can strap on their superhero belt, put on their Hero! training bib and transport themselves into the worlds of football and their Superheroes.  They can imagine that the whistle has blown, and they have to set up a move with a goal kick.  A strong kick is the first step to becoming a superb goalkeeper and the best superhero goal keepers have a great deal of confidence in their ability. It is through practice that this extra level of confidence builds.  Every team wants to know that the Hero! goalkeeper is behind them in the nets as they know that they have the superpowers and agility to save the goals.

The Hero! goalkeeper has lightening reflexes and her shot stopping ability and ground coverage is immense.  She practices her agility with the target course, weaving in and out of the flags, improving fitness and wellbeing.  The Hero! training range is all about fun and imagination and the products are adaptable to any position on the pitch. You might find the goalkeeper practicing scoring penalties in the target goal as you never know when they might be called upon to take a penalty…  (UEFA Europa Cup Final 2020)

Whatever position on the pitch all players need to have excellent passing and control so starting training from a young age with fun and creativity is an excellent path into the world of football and Football Flick’s Hero! products are designed to keep children occupied for hours upon end.

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