Spend your Summer with Football Flick

Summer with Football Flick

Your Summer Essentials are here! 


At football flick, we have curated our training range to get you ready for the ultimate summer of sport. 

Everything you see selected in the summer essentials range is perfect for days out. All are fully transportable and ready to take wherever you go this summer. Whether it’s the beach, camping site or the training pitch everything in the summer essentials are all designed to be easily packed away in the included bespoke carry bags making transporting everything super easy. 


What better way to get the whole family outside and enjoying their summer than getting out and playing with Football Flick. 

“The best thing about Football Flick is it has kept Ethan entertained, especially during lockdown which was pretty hard because we live in Spain. So, it has kept him out and about, kept him entertained, kept him off his PlayStation and it also helped him bond with his little brother because they have both been playing with Football Flick as well. “


Pitch Pack includes 2x Pop up goals and pitch markers so your own squad has everything that they need to have maximum fun outside. Pitch Pack can also carry any size football making it easy to keep everything in one place. Set up your pitch for hours of fun on the beach, gardens, parks and training pitches. Then easily pack away your goals and football into your backpack. Order on footballflick.com now for a special price.

Soccer Tennis is the ultimate multiplayer summer game (with no games console required). Soccer Tennis easily packs away and is easy to transport so you can take your game anywhere. It is ideal for use on the beach, garden, parks.

Target Goal is the ultimate pop up goal with a reversible goal side so you can play with an open goal or practise more precise shooting with 5 separate targets inside to conquer and improve your accuracy with. 

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