Scoring like superheroes!

Scoring like superheroes!

It was goals galore in the Premier League last Sunday at Vicarage Road with all three Liverpool strikers getting on the scoresheet. An outstanding performance with movement, vision, accuracy and power from all three attacking players meant they were unstoppable.  Mane, Salah and Firmino looked like superheroes on the pitch and their confidence will be at an all-time high. They have clearly got their shooting boots on and with a trip to Old Trafford this Sunday, it is certainly a match not to be missed.

The worlds of football and superhero’s have collided here at Football Flick and we have designed a brand new Hero! range specifically with younger football players in mind.

Hero! has their very own super striker in the team who works hard to improve her power and accuracy, which are the key to scoring goals. With her bright and fiery red superhero costume she is not to be missed on the pitch and an accuracy rating of 99 she is a striker that has flare and a little bit of magic.


Our super hero striker practices every day with the Hero! strikers goal pack, shooting in each of the numbered target holes and then moving onto the next.  Once a goal has been scored in each of the targets, practice then continues from a different angle, you never know where you might be on the pitch, so you need to be confident on the ball in different situations.  The best thing about the strikers goal pack is that it is reversible so once practice is over, it can then be flipped and it forms a goal which is perfect for playing a match with friends.

Mum’s and Dad’s there is also no need to worry as here at HERO! we have thought of everything. The goal folds away into a backpack so can easily be tidied away or transported to the park, friends or grandparents’ houses!

The Hero! strikers goal pack is great for all abilities and is the perfect introduction into the world of football, suitable for children from age 3 upwards.  Or should we say budding superheros!

Play like a Super Hero with the Hero! Strikers Goal Pack to improve accuracy…… power… strength… ability


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