Record Breaking Captain

Record Breaking Captain

Football Flick’s player of the week this week has to be the record breaker, Captain Harry Kane. Although the opposition were lacking in quality, England made up for it with professionalism. 7 goals for Captain Kane in two games, against any opposition, is impressive by anyone’s standards. Kane now ranks as England’s record goal scorer in competitive games and is fast approaching Wayne Rooney, for the all-time top goal scorer.

Kane’s hat-trick against Albania showed his all-round game, some might say it was the perfect hat-trick, showing off his left foot, right foot and heading skills! To then score four goals in his consecutive game against San Marino shows that the Captain is determined to lead his team from the front.  Kane, however, is not just any striker, he is exceptional at bringing other players into the game. His vision and awareness on and off the ball allows him to pick out perfect passes to lay off teammates. His strength allows him to battle against the strongest defenders and the power in his shots make him a threat whenever he is near the goal.  He is a complete package, leading his team on and off the pitch.  Qatar 2022 is beginning to look very exciting!

Here at Football Flick we have launched the HERO range which is recommended for children aged 3 – 7 years old. The range is perfect for introducing children to the world of football and for developing their motor and coordination skills. Our Superhero Captain is a key member of the superhero team, just like Harry Kane is key to the England team. The Captain has to have an all round ability and have confidence on the ball and this all starts with the ability to pass and receive.

Passing is a key part of football and the aim of the pass is to keep possession of the ball by manoeuvring it on the ground between different players. This all sounds simple but in order to do this effectively, it takes practice.  The HERO skills belt is the perfect product in order to practice passing as the ball comes back to you every time…  Yes parents, you heard it here first, there is no need for you to keep fetching the balls as the superhero belt has this super power built into it.   The belt encourages children to try passing with each foot and helps them to develop their control of the ball when it comes back to you.

Confidence on the ball is extremely important for children and the more they practice with the skills belt the more confident they will become.  As your child gets older and starts playing in team situations, passing becomes more and more important as this allows the ball to advance up the playing field with the ultimate aim being to score goals.

The Hero skills belt is simple and easy to use and is specifically designed to house any size 3 or 4 football. Simply slot your ball into the casing and attach the belt to your waist.  Make sure your child puts on their superhero bib to immerse themselves fully in the world of football HERO’s and dream of becoming a top flight player like Captain Harry Kane. The control with the ball at his feet is the Captain’s superpower.

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