Products to Improve Your Skills

products to improve your skills

Whether you are having a kickabout in the back garden or doing some serious training, all these products are designed to help you improve your skills. For each of these products, we delve deeper into the exact elements that make you improve. 


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Skills Trainer: The world’s only Scientifically Validated training product to improve control, passing and touch. Each of these key elements is the foundation of any players skills. The use of the rear rebounder is validated to improve a players control by 73% with continued application. Use of the front ramp is validated to improve passing skills by 29% and passing the ball to the rear rebounder is proven to increase a players touch by 45%. The Urban Skills Trainer is truly an all in one platform making those who use it a more complete player.


products to improve your skills

Skills Set: The Skills Set contains 4 unique targets that boost various elements of a players passing or shooting. The target basket can help a player to boost their lob passes and accuracy. The mini target goal helps players to practise accurate ground passes – an essential skill in any game situation. Finally, target rings can be attached to any goal to help players improve their shooting accuracy but also to add an extra element of fun.


products to improve your skills

Dual Speed Rebounder: An academy favourite that is exceptionally good at helping players to improve their close control. Adjust your rebounder angle to create a variety of return situations that make it an exciting challenge for players.


products to improve your skills

Drills Set: A pack that means anyone can train like a pro. Use the passing tunnel to practise accurate ground passes. Increase your speed as your skills improve and combine with the Drills set agility ladder and cones to improve your fitness, control and technique.


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