Urban Hand Held Rebounder

Urban Hand Held Rebounder: Improve your skills in goalkeeper agility and reaction speeds as well as fast control and reaction control for outfield players. The 60 x 60cm handheld rebounder can be angled by the user to create unpredictable returns and can be used in many different ball sports. Great fun as well as a tool to help you improve. The sturdy design of the rebounder is built to last and can also be easily stored and moved around.


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Can be used in a variety of situations whether it's on the pitch training or at home in the garden or park with friends.


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  • Made from Metal and Elasticated Nylon.
  • Size: H3, W61, D61cm.
  • Diameter 61cm.
  • For outdoor use.
  • EAN: 793591308715.