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Hero! range

We are delighted to announce the new Hero! range by Football Flick is now available to pre-order.

Hero! is a training range specially designed for younger players and was created to inspire them to make their first steps into the world of football. Recommended for ages three and over, Hero! has launched just in time to be one of the hottest new gift items for your younger superstars.

Every product in the Hero! training range comes with a set of stickers, scorecards and a colour in sheet, meaning you can keep your own superheroes entertained for hours of fun.

Young players can even get inspired to play just like their favourite heroes with the all-new team of Superheroes created and illustrated for the new Hero! range. Each has their own special abilities, strengths and weaknesses and their own favourite piece in the training range. You can now play and train just like your favourite heroes.

We hope that the new Hero! range inspires young children to get active. Each of the Hero! range products is designed to keep children engaged whilst significantly developing their motor and co-ordination skills.

Hero! first started out as an idea to offer something unique and exciting for younger players. The current Football Flick training range is designed for players aged 6 and upwards. The Hero! range allows us to now reach and inspire our youngest players and encourage them to take up football. Most importantly though, we want our new range to bring a sense of fun and enjoyment. We want young players to get lost in their imagination as they become a superhero of their own.

Be the first to get your hands on the new range. Pre-order and you will be guaranteed to receive your items first so you can beat the Christmas rush.

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