Official Statement Regarding Christmas

Official Statement Regarding Christmas

The World’s Number 1 football training range, Football Flick, is today urging customers to take a cautious, yet sensible, approach to purchasing gifts for Christmas.

With so much emphasis on logistics and delivery issues occurring in the UK at the moment, the Football Flick team would like to give assurance to our customers that we are doing all we can to ensure every order placed for one of our products is fulfilled in as timely a manner as possible.

Football Flick’s CEO, Gareth Hodskinson, says “It’s almost impossible to avoid the news surrounding the possible issues customers are going to face getting the products they want this Christmas. It’s not simply a case of one area of the supply chain being the issue. The huge knock-on effect caused by the Global Pandemic has obviously been a major factor in the issues we are now facing, but this is only one area of concern. International manufacturing in countries like India and China is still badly affected by Covid-19, whilst global shipping has seen a 400% increase in prices. Of course, here in the UK we are also still dealing with the fallout from Brexit. All this has led to a lot of confusion in the marketplace and it’s understandable that consumers are nervous.

At Football Flick we’re fortunate to have fantastic relationships with all our suppliers and we are in a healthy position to be able to supply every customer who wants a Football Flick product this Christmas. However, our sales data would certainly suggest that there are lots of customers who are already thinking about those all-important Christmas gifts. We would usually be using this time of year to stockpile for a busy Q4 but we simply haven’t seen any decline in sales. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite. This suggests the trend this year is that people will start their festive shopping earlier, just to ensure they get what they want.

Whether you buy your Football Flick products from one of our retailer partners or directly via we can assure all our customers we will do everything in our control to get the products to you. Obviously, like a lot of other businesses, we do rely on the distribution network to get the products into the hands of our customers, so I would urge a sensible approach to Christmas shopping. This may mean starting a little earlier than usual and trying to plan ahead. This would be strongly suggested for hugely popular products like our Urban Skills Trainer and particularly for our new Hero! range which is launching on our website in a few weeks, but I think if we all take this approach then there won’t be any disappointed faces on Christmas morning.”

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