New Year Training Guide – Fitness

New Year Training Guide

It’s a new year. Don’t let the bad weather deter you!

2022 is now well underway which means it’s time to get back into your training regimes. We have compiled four easy drills you can do at home or on the training pitch. By following drills and completing repetitions of these drills you can start measuring your performance more easily and track your progress. Here is our New Year Training Guide….

You will need cones, hurdles, footballs and a training partner (recommended for motivation). Alternatively, you can use household items to replace your cones and hurdles. Anything from jumpers and scarves to sticks and polls.

New Year Training Guide

Drill Pattern 1. As a warmup, you should arrange your cones out one in front of the other with roughly half a metre between. Your hurdles should then be laid out in front spaced at roughly one metre between each hurdle. Weave between your cones at a jogging pace using side steps and then jump over your hurdles running back to the start to repeat. Then repeat the course with a football at your feet leaving the ball to run alongside the hurdles when completing those.

Drill Pattern 2. (To be completed with a training partner if possible.) Lay out four cones roughly half a metre apart. Moving up and down the cones pass the ball in between the gaps of the cones from one player to the next. Try to use one-touch on the ball to move down the cones together.

Drill Pattern 3. Mark your cones in different colours or individually label your cones A, B, C and D. The player stands at the centre of the four cones whilst another player calls out individually marked cones. The player then has to touch the cone as quickly as they can and return to the centre of the four cones. Repeat this drill with and without the ball.

Drill Pattern 4. Lay out three cones into a triangle roughly one metre apart. One of the two players is the chaser. The objective of the chaser is to catch the other while both players orbit the cones whilst keeping control of the ball. Players may change direction to avoid being caught. The game is over when the chaser has caught up to the other player. This drill should help players to increase agility and be able to respond and change direction quickly whilst being able to maintain control of the ball.

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Keep up the great work!

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