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Kenzy O’Neill: Football Flick Academy has been a shining light in times of difficulty for young talent of all ages across the North West. We’ve supported hundreds of kids since lockdown restrictions eased across the UK. Our Football Flick Academy team have been running COVID-Secure training sessions with up to 5 kids, from Under 6’s up to academy level players, on the cusp of a scholarship or a professional contract.

During this series we’ll be taking a look at some of the best talent to come through our Academy in recent weeks. They speak about their journey so far and about how Football Flick Academy’s top level coaching & World Class equipment that is on offer at each session has improved their overall game during a global pandemic.

Kenzy O’Neill is a Wigan Athletic Academy & Northern Ireland International player. The lockdown hit his fitness and development hard, with him being used to a professional academy. However Kenzy, 19 – found Football Flick Academy to get him back into the swing of things. Speaking exclusively to Football Flick, Kenzy spoke of how the Academy, with its high standard of coaching, helped him “get back into football, flying” after the prolonged period of lockdown.

As a winger, it’s important you have something in your locker to win those 1v1’s against the defender. If it’s pace, agility or a bit of trickery & Kenzy feels like he’s managed to add more to his game by being at the Football Flick Academy. O’Neill, relies on that his technical ability to win those small battles in-game & on the pitch, “After being off for so long off you lose a bit of that [sharpness] and coming here [Football Flick Academy] it has just really helped keep me ticking over.” Kenzy, 18 loves “entertaining the fans” by expressing himself on the pitch & being able to get back to improving his technical ability, despite the lack of fans at games in the near future, is something Football Flick is extremely proud to be able to support.

Football Flick is honoured to have been such an important part of his journey. There are thousands of kids all across the world who wish to be in Kenzy O’Neill position, so we asked him…

If you could give some advice to your younger self, what would it be?

“Don’t be scared of change and take every chance you get”

Whether it is in the back garden, grassroots football, or the Football Flick & Wigan Athletic Academy, or even in a professional team, the World’s #1 Training Range is for everyone.

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