Indoor Football Training

Indoor Football Training

Do you feel like it’s constantly raining? Is your garden saturated? Is your child fed up that they can’t go outside to play football?

Football Flick have the perfect solutions this Christmas that will keep them active and off their computers whilst improving their football skills. All perfect for Indoor Football Training…

Mini Skills trainer - Flicked Curved ramp

The Hero Skills Trainer has been designed with perfect proportions, featuring the famous curved ramp at the front and the rebounder at the rear or you can swap your rebound net for a compact goal. The Hero skills trainer allows your child to play with it three different ways!  So effectively you are getting three Christmas presents for the price of one. The Hero ball has also been uniquely designed for indoor use to ensure that children can spend hours of fun playing football no matter what the weather.   The Hero score card also allows you to track your progress and compete with friends.  Alternatively, the strikers goal pack is also ideal for indoor use and is suitable for children from 3years+.  It easily folds away into a neat backpack for easy storage and transportation. There is no excuse this Christmas, football can continue indoors and outdoors.

Football Flick believe in keeping children fit and active, keeping up with the enthusiasm and diversity throughout the winter months will enhance your child’s footballing skills. If your child is having fun with a ball at their feet then Football Flick have done their job. …We improve performance through enjoyment

Learn more about the best products to suit your child. Visit our Parent’s Guide To Football Training or download it here now

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