How to score more set-pieces

Gianni Vio is the Set-piece expert that helped the Italian Euro 2020 team win. He reportedly created over 4000 set-piece routines designed to incite attacking football and help the opposition stumble. He wrote the book “That extra 30 per cent.”

Gianni Vio

With his help, Italy went on to dazzle spectators and opposing teams with their excellent set-plays with the help of Gianni Vio. This recipe for success is now influencing other teams across Europe and is a testament to the importance teams at every level should consider. Based on some of Gianni Vio’s philosophies of set plays here are some general tips to consider before your next game.

Here are some general tips to improve your and your team’s set plays.
  1. Decide on a plan before you take your set-piece with your teammates. Are you playing long, are you laying off or are you going for a goal straight from your set piece? Whatever it may be your team should be on the same page and have rehearsed your set-piece if it requires multiple players and moves. Even if your players are off the ball.
  2. The success of your set pieces rests on the ability of the players to pull it off. With the added pressure of a game, it is important to be as well practised as you can be. Why not maximise your time training and start improving your technique and set pieces from home? With the football flick training set, you can arrange free-kick walls and swap them out for agility poles making them easily adaptable to your training needs. The Training Set can be carried and put away for easy transport.
  3. Do your research and watch the best -> 

How to score more set-pieces

Some teams specialise in trying to maximise the number of set pieces they have if it works towards the skills set of their team. So keep practising.

Want to learn more about Gianno Vio’s philosophy? Why not read this Guardian article here.

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