How To Get Scouted In Football

Looking to impress a scout or coach in football? We have some tips to consider whenever you are wanting to impress.

Making it in the world of football is very tough. With less than 1% of all players making it into the professional game, take a read of our top tips that just might show you how to get scouted in football.

  1. Play to benefit your team. Showing off your skills in a game situation will only impress your friends. Scouts are looking for players that are technically strong in the basics of the game and can play in a way that is positive for the team. Make passes, shots, crosses or tackles that are beneficial to the team.
  2. Listen to your coach and listen to your instructions. Scouts are looking for players that can understand instruction and make sense of tactics. Understand your position on the pitch and how you can adapt your play style depending on whether your team is attacking or defending. This will also display to a scout that you will be efficient to teach in the future and adaptable depending on their needs of a team.
  3. Show competitiveness and a desire to be #1. It is easy to see players that are there for the enjoyment of football and those that would do anything to become a professional football player. Aspects of character, effort, resolve and a can do attitude are what scouts want to see in players. If you really want to be a Pro player you have to show it!
  4. You must have excellent technique. The way you deal with the ball when receiving, passing, dribbling, and shooting is paramount to a scout being initially interested in you. To get this nailed down and consistent you must start training your technique as much as you can all the time. Practice at home, in your free time as well as the training pitch. This will give you the advantage over your peers to improve beyond your age bracket.

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