How to do the Ronaldo Chop

How to do the Ronaldo Chop

Ever wanted to get past a defender with some super style? You can learn how to do just that with the help of John Farnworth on how to the Ronaldo Chop.

Don’t forget in order to achieve and complete a successful Ronaldo Chop you will need lots of practice with a big dose of confidence in order to pull off this move. Make sure only to try this trick in an attacking situation during a game. Wingers love this trick as you can quickly throw off a defender as you make a move down the side of the pitch.

How To Do The Ronaldo Chop In 3 Steps

1. Whilst standing over the ball, with your main foot, step over the ball and at the same roll it on your inside towards your weaker foot.
2. As the ball is rolling, whip it with your weaker foot by kicking it in the direction of your main foot.
3. Finally, jump over the ball and with the inside of your trailing foot (main foot), kick the ball forward and run past your opponent.

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