Harrison Coady – Football Flick Academy – Meet The Coach

Harrison Coady: Football Flick Academy has been a shining light in times of difficulty for young talent of all ages across the North West. We’ve asupported hundreds of kids since lockdown restrictions eased across the UK. Our Football Flick Academy team have been running COVID-Secure training sessions with up to 5 kids, from Under 6’s up to academy level players, on the cusp of a scholarship or a professional contract.

During this series, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best talent to come through our Academy in recent weeks. This week, we’re speaking to one of our coaches, Harrison Coady, who with the help of Football Flick’s World Class equipment that is on offer at each session, has improved their kid’s ability during a global pandemic.

Harrison Coady is a former Academy Footballer at age 19 having played with Liverpool FC, Everton FC & Morecambe FC. He seemed unable to find his home in the world of football until he got a call that would change everything for him. This was a request for him to start coaching, and it was here his natural talent was able to shine.

He started at Manchester City, doing some casual coaching with the younger ages, speaking exclusively to Football Flick, Harrison us about his experience so far in his footballing journey.

“I actually played for FC United at the time & a friend of mine said I should get down and into coaching. I thought I wouldn’t mind that actually. I started coaching at Man City, and it was great, the kids are a level above at even at that age with the facilities they’ve got.”

At the Football Flick Academy “I try and do the same sessions, or as close as possible with the grassroots kids. I can see so many of them coming along so well.”

The former full-back and now Football Flick Academy Coach spoke to us about how the Football Flick equipment has taken his sessions to the next level.

“I’ll put a session on, and we’ll do say, taking a close control out of an area, touch it and shoot, I’ll do that one week & the next week I won’t do that, and we’ll come back to it later & I’ll ask them to practise it at home [with their Football Flick equipment] & they do do it to be fair, they’re improving.”

Like so many of our coaches and players, Harrison loves the products. It gives him a new challenge from a coaching perspective.

“It’s great, it’s great, I love absolutely everything, but I really like the Urban Dual Speed Rebounders, the kids love them. There are so many different drills you can do with it … I love the [Urban Corner Shots] Top Bins as well.”

Harrison isn’t without inspiration either; he is the brother of Wolves Captain & England International Connor Coady, who also started at the Liverpool FC Academy.

Football Flick caught Harrison in a jubilant mood, with Harrison being told hours previously his brother and role model was set to make his England debut that night against Denmark.

Speaking to Football Flick, he said: “From where he’s come from, being at Liverpool, not quite cutting it, going to Huddersfield, probably the best move he could have made, that was probably the move the helped him the most.“

Football Flick is honoured to have been such an essential part of his journey. There are thousands of kids all across the world who wish to be in Harrison Coady’s position, so we asked him…

If you could give some advice to your younger self, what would it be?

“Never let anyone affect who you want to be really don’t let anyone tell you you can’t make it or you aren’t good enough ”

Whether it is in the back garden, grassroots football, or the Football Flick, Liverpool FC, Everton or Morcombe Academy, or even England Nation Team, like Harrison’s family boasts a member of, the world’s #1 Training Range is for everyone.