Get Ready for your Summer Staycation with Football Flick



Lots of families will be relying on holidaying at home this summer. Make sure to elevate your Summer Holidays with Football Flick. Here’s how our training range can make a summer of fun super easy.

It’s super important to be able to get your kids excited to be outside as it is imperative to their brain development and part of being able to develop the motor skills they need in life.

All of our products in this collection are designed to be easily transported and packed away so that they can be taken anywhere. This means you can take your Football Flick training range wherever you plan on getting outdoors this summer.


Pitch Pack includes 2x Pop up goals and pitch markers so your own squad has everything that they need to have maximum fun outside. Pitch Pack can also carry any size football making it easy to keep everything in one place. Set up your pitch for hours of fun on the beach, gardens, parks and training pitches. Then easily pack away your goals and football into your backpack. Order on now for a special price.

Kids playing with Soccer Tennis

Soccer Tennis is the ultimate multiplayer summer game (with no games console required). Soccer Tennis easily packs away and easy to transport so you can take your game anywhere. It is ideal for use on the beach, garden, parks.

At Football Flick we are all about making sure that we get kids and teenagers active and having fun outdoors. 2020 was a tough year, why not make a change this summer from being stuck inside and get them outdoors with friends and family.

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