One of the many friends of Football Flick is Caden Kelly

Caden Kelly

Football Flick’s training equipment has been a staple of hundreds of thousands of back gardens since the inception of the brand back in 2011, used by millions of kids, the World over.


One of the many friends of Football Flick is Caden Kelly. Caden, a former Manchester City Academy Player featured in Football Flick’s brand relaunch in 2015. After a hard day of shooting, Caden efforts were rewarded and he was lucky enough to be featured on Football Flick’s redesigned Urban Soccer Skills Trainer box.


We promised to keep in touch & help with his future development. Today, we caught up with him to see how he’s progressed.

Caden Kelly


After leaving Manchester City, Caden joined Salford City as an Academy Footballer, but after a significant leap in development, he earned himself a recent big move signing for Sunderland AFC’s Academy. 


Caden was delighted with the move, “It’s my proudest achievement since graduating from the Football Flick Academy to sign with Sunderland” he said speaking to Football Flick.


Caden started superbly and scored in his first game for his new side.

Before signing for Sunderland AFC’s Academy, Caden joined the Football Flick Academy where he was sharpening his technique and close control after the National Lockdown, which helped him get ready for the new season. Speaking exclusively to Football Flick, he tells us how he’s kicked on since then.


“I have made a lot of progress since Football Flick Academy,” Caden says, speaking to Football Flick. “By training every day to do the best I can do and improving every day.”


“The Football Flick products have helped me a lot because when you use them, it creates game-like situations, so when it comes to the game you know how to handle the situation that you are in it has also helped me to score more goals.”

Football Flick is honoured to have been such an essential part of his journey. 


There are thousands of kids all across the world who wish to be in Caden Kelly’s position, so we asked him…


What advice would you give to kids working toward the heights that your career has hit so far?


 “Advice that I would give is to keep your head up in these difficult times and just keep working hard every day to achieve the end goal.”


Whether you are playing in the back garden, in grassroots football, in the Football Flick Academy or with one of the many Professional Academies out there, the World’s #1 Training Range is for everyone.
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