Football activities for a rainy day

rainy days

Football is a game that can be played in all weathers but when bad weather continues to damage and waterlog your pitch it might be time to do some indoor activities. However, that doesn’t mean you cant still enjoy the beautiful game sheltered from the weather.

Here are a few football activities that can be done on rainy days:

  1. Indoor soccer: This can be done in a gym or large indoor space and uses smaller balls and modified rules to adapt to the indoor environment. If you are in the United Kingdom, why not search the Football Associations database of football pitches available for hire and filter your search to indoors. Click here to search.
  2. Dribbling drills: Set up cones or obstacles in a hallway or indoor space and practice dribbling around them. This can help you improve your close control. Being able to keep the ball close to your feet can really improve your dribbling technique.
  3. Passing drills: Use a small, soft ball and practise passing with a partner in a confined space such as a garage or basement.
  4. Footwork drills: Use a ladder or create a slalom course with cones to practise footwork and agility. Check out the Football Flick Drills Set
  5. Ball control exercises: Using a small ball, practice juggling, volleying, and other ball control skills in a confined space.
  6. Penalty shootout: Set up a goal in a hallway or indoor space and practice taking penalty kicks.
  7. Watch a football match or highlights: Watching a match or highlights of one can be a great way to learn from professional players and to be inspired. You can also explore our football documentary blog with a collection of football related content to get stuck into.
  8. Read a football-related book or magazine: Learn about the history, the strategies, the techniques, and the legends of the game.
  9. Play a football-related video game or mobile app: Some of those games can be quite realistic and can help you improve your skills or knowledge of the game. Or if you fancy taking it easy you can download the Football Flick Mobile Game which you can download on the app store NOW.

Note that all these activities should be adapted to the space and safety measures available.

rainy days indoors

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