First Touch Training Guide

First Touch Training drills

We have compiled a short list of First touch training drills to help improve your first touch. Every player on the pitch needs to be able to keep control of the ball and the quicker you can do this, the quicker you can start your next move. The key is practise, practise and more practise. Through repetition you will find you improve each of these drills. Always remember to swap using your more dominant foot for your weaker!

Each of these drills is designed for two players, so grab a partner and start improving your skills together. You will need at least four cones in two different colours and a ball. Alternatively, you can use household items as a replacement for your training equipment.

Drill Pattern 1. Set up two cones between five and ten metres apart. Both players should stand behind each of the cones and then pass the ball between themselves. One-touch should be taken to control the ball whilst moving it around the back of your cone and then passing back to the other player. Each player should take no more than two players after moving it onto the other player.

First Touch Training drills

Drill Pattern 2. This drill works similar to Drill pattern 1 but with another cone added behind each player’s first cone. The idea is to receive the ball from the other player, control the ball and also move the ball around the cone onto the other side in one touch. Then the player should then pass it onto the other player. Both players should alternate this move between moving the ball between their own and behind the pair of cones.

Drill Pattern 3. Both players arrange two cones of different colours on either side of them. Player one passes the ball to the other whilst calling out one of the two colours of the cones. Player two then has to control and pass the ball around the cone that Player one has called out.

Drill Pattern 4. Lay out a small square of cones with one player standing in the square. It is then the other player’s job to pass the ball at pace and height to the player in the square. The player receiving the ball then has to control the ball with one touch keeping the ball from landing outside of the square of cones.

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