Football Flick Catches up with Competition Winners

Competition Winners

To kick off the launch of our new Serious Play campaign Football Flick ran a competition to win an Urban Skills Trainer for one lucky winner and one for another nominated friend. Our competition winners were Rosie Shipp and Brooke Ellis.

In the weeks since they got their lucky hands on Urban Skills Trainer, we caught up with them and asked how they were getting on with their prizes…

Football Flick: Who are you and do you play for a team?

Rosie: My name is Rosie Shipp, I am 17 years old and I play for Plymouth Argyle Ladies.

Brooke: I’m Brooke Ellis and I play for my local Sb Frankfurt Saturday Team. As well as Devon Fa Girls and Plymouth Argyle ADC

Who are your footballing heroes?

Rosie: My footballing heroes are Leonel Messi and Vivianne Miedema

Brooke: My footballing hero, has to be Steven Gerrard

What position do you usually play in a squad? 

Rosie: I usually play left/right-wing or striker

Brooke: I mostly play Centre Midfield (cam)

Do you aspire to have a career in football and where would you like to end up? 

Rosie: Yes, I would like to play for my country, the lionesses! Also any high up football club, like Arsenal or Man City! That’s my ultimate dream!

Brooke: I aspire to be the best and to continue to work my hardest until I reach my highest potential as a professional women’s footballer.

What do you think your strengths or specialisms are as a player? 

Rosie: I feel my strengths are Dribbling with the ball, speed and my control on the ball- on the floor and in the air!

Brooke: Link up play, movement on and off the ball, control of the game and footballing vision. Football Flick Has enabled me to be better at my touch and set me up for my half volleys into the back of the net.

Since winning your skills trainer prize have you enjoyed using it?

Rosie: Yes!! It’s soo amazing, super convenient and very fun!

Brooke: My skills trainer can help me improve in many ways and gives me more of an opportunity to unlock more qualities as a player.

What are your favourite features of the Skills Trainer and are there any elements of your game it has helped improve?

Rosie: I love all of it! I love the ramp as it’s helping me control the ball in the air and taking first-time volleys! I love the rebounder because it’s a super fun way to incorporate control and passing into my training. I love the net as a way of practising my accuracy and after doing skills hitting the ball into it! The skills trainer can help me improve on my touch, volleys, control and passing.

Brooke: My skills trainer can help me improve in many ways and gives me more of an opportunity to unlock more qualities as a player.

Would you recommend a Skills Trainer to any of your friends? 

Rosie: Yessss!!! 1000%!!! It’s now my favourite training tool to use!

Brooke: I would definitely recommend the Flick Trainer to anyone who is interested in improving themselves with touch and controls.

Do you already have any other Football Flick products, If so, would you recommend those? 

Rosie: I currently only have the flick urban and a ball. The ball is really great, amazing material, the right weight and size. It feels great to kick and has a slight softness to it which pads your foot when you kick the ball!

Brooke: Previously, I had a Football Flick before and it helped me with my accuracy and what’s more, I now have a new one!

Well done to Rosie and Brooke! We wish them all the best for their aspirations in football. 

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