Euro 2020 – Let’s Get Football Crazy! 

Euro 2020 Lets get football crazy

Anticipation for Euro 2020 is hotting up…

If you are planning to make the most of Euro fever at home, Football Flick is the training range to keep young players having fun throughout the whole tournament. Take a look at our top two picks for this Euro 2020 and lets get football crazy…

Pitch Pack

football crazy

Relive all your favourite football moments with Pitch Pack. Set up your pitch and pop-up your goals to create awesome moments in your own back garden. Great for 1v1 games or if you have more players coming around it’s great for 2v2 or 3v3. Best of all you will be set for summer as the Football flick Pitch Pack packs away into Backpack (included) so you can set up on the beach or training field.

Soccer Tennis

Kids playing with Soccer Tennis

The ultimate warm-up game for players who fancy a fun-filled day of football before all the big games. Get one over all your friends and family by proving your skills with Soccer Tennis. Build the foundation of your skills as Soccer Tennis requires excellent control and touch to beat your rivals.

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