Bradford City Youth Player Mason Stevens pays tribute to Football Flick for being instrumental in helping with his lockdown training

Mason Stevens is a key member of Bradford City U11s Academy and gave everyone an insight into how he trains at home through our featured Instagram Story.

The highly talented 11-year-old from Bradford showed what he does to keep sharp during his own back garden training through the current Global Pandemic & the subsequent lockdown. Mason took a very creative approach to developing a training set up using his own Football Flick products he has acquired over the last couple of years and which inspired him to practise at home.

Mason Stevens showing us the first stage of his ad-hoc lockdown training routine.

According to Mason, one of the most important things in Football is your first touch and is one of the first techniques he practises while warming up using the Urban Skills Trainer’s Rear Rebounder. He demonstrates this very eloquently here by lofting the ball up onto the rebounder and using repetitive passes and small 1-2’s using his left & right foot.

Football Flick’s Urban Skills Trainer is just great for this and has been Scientifically Validated to improve speed of touch by up to 73%. Whilst Mason has a great grasp of this, he knows the need to practise this regularly to maintain his great skill level but Mason is always ready for the next challenge.

Dialling it up to the next level now…

Mason spins the Urban Skills Trainer around to increase the difficulty of his back garden training regime and reveals the Front Ramp. With a firm ground pass into the Front Ramp, the ball spins back to him in the air only giving Mason a brief moment to assess the flight of the ball and decide how best to bring it under control.

As Mason practises every day with Football Flick’s Urban Skills Trainer, he picks the ball out of the air calmly and shifts his legs moving the ball onto his feet and performs a series of small kick-ups.

Top Bins!

Training is such an important part of excelling in any sport, Cristiano Ronaldo is a great exponent of that, however, there is always time for a bit of fun. Mason has showcased his mastery of touch & control so far, but scoring goals is how you win matches. Mason managed to pull off something of a worldie into the top corner of the goal, right into the Urban Skills Set that he had fixed to the corner of the net and was a great way to finish off the session.

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