Boost your fitness with Football Flick.

Boost your fitness

Boost your fitness with Football Flick

Take your training to the next level with Football Flick. If you are getting ready to take your skills to the pitch one thing you can not ignore is your fitness levels. Your ability to be able to keep your performance to an optimum level for as long as possible is paramount to giving your best game and staying focused on your football and not trying to catch up to your opponent. Remember, as a footballer you are an athlete first.

Boost your fitness

The Football Flick Drill Set is the ultimate all in one package to help you train like a pro at home. Drill Set includes an agility ladder that can be arranged to practice your fast feet and consistently practise the accuracy of your foot placement at pace. Using patterns in your footwork and steadily increasing the speed and complexity of your footwork over your agility ladder can make you ready to change pace and keep balance in a game situation. Try using the agility ladder drills with one foot and alternate to build strength on each foot.

Repeat each drill with your agility ladder with no break. Increase your repetitions to improve your fitness.

Urban Octa Speed Rings

Octa Rings are a unique piece of football training equipment. Lay them out flat and they can be used to practise your footwork coordination or raise a section of your octa rings to bring in jumps and height to your training regime. Consistent use of the Octa Rings can help to improve agility, speed and endurance.

Here are some training Drills to get you started with your octa rings:

  1. Scissors: Begin with the right foot in Ring 1 and the left foot in Ring 4. Bend the arms at 90 degrees, and using a reciprocating opposite arm and leg action, alternate the feet back and forth in a rapid scissor-like manner. It is important to remember when performing this drill that this opposite arm opposite leg movement pattern is maintained to ensure balance and coordination.
  2. Forward/Backward Hops: Begin by placing the right foot in Ring 1 and the Left foot in Ring 2. Simultaneously hop-forward landing with the right foot in Ring 3 and the Left foot in Ring 4, and then rapidly hop back to the starting position. Repeat this drill for the desired number of repetitions.
  3. Lateral Hops: Begin this drill by standing with both feet together in Ring 1Hop laterally back and forth between Ring 1 and 2.
  4. Diagonal Hops: Begin this drill by standing with both feet together in Ring 1Hop diagonally back and forth between Ring 1 and 4. Once the desired number of hops has been completed repeat this drill hopping back and forth between Rings 2 to 3.
  5. Ring Hops: While moving in a clockwise manner hop with both feet into each Ring. Once this has been completed repeat this drill hopping counterclockwise into each Ring.
  6. Reactive Ring Drill: This drill is performed in the same manner s as the Ring Drill, however on the coaches/trainers command the athlete should “switch” directions and hop in the opposite direction.


The Multi-Height hurdles are a truly adaptable piece of training equipment by Football Flick. The variation in height of the hurdles can be adjusted to makes them unique and adaptable to a variety of training situations. Practise fast steps and hops which will make you ready for a variety of gameplay occurrences. Variations in height make the Football Flick hurdles great for increasing concentration levels and athleticism when training. Hurdles can be combined with other training equipment to lengthen and add complexity to a training regime.

Don’t forget, taking time to focus on your fitness can help improve your speed burst of pace, agility, mental focus, and ultimately lead to less chance of injury when playing as you strengthen your body.

Let’s see what you can do!

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