#NewRelease! – Urban Corner Shots!

We recently come out with the revolutionary, Urban Corner Shots.

We believe these are the best in the market – with strong UPVC Material and strong supporting joints.

They started at Argos & Amazon, but now they’ve caught on & the Amazing team at The Very Group have seen the quality and taken them on board just in time for the New Year.

Corner Shots as it comes from any of our retailer partners

Your child is going to want to stick these in the top corner and replicate the likes of Mo Salah and Mbappe, but the best thing with the Urban Corner Shots is they can even fit in the bottom corners too, so you can hone your clinical No.9 finishing. This is a perfect fit with the pegs that come with every unit sold of the Urban Corner Shots.

High-quality build

The build quality of each unit means that they just, don’t, move. They’re strong and stable in the goal face and the supreme build quality & connectors. The Velcro straps to just enough to secure and wrap around twice to make sure you aren’t adjusting the Corner Shots after every shot.

What makes the Corner Shots unique too to others is the inbuilt and manufactured curve. We’re the only one on the market that doesn’t use connectors to help create the curve. We did it, and raised the game in the market, as we have many times before.

Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 at 2:44 pm