All New Training Set Available Now!

New Training Set

Football Flick is excited to be announcing the all-new training set for 2022!

Available Now!

The new and improved design of our training set has enabled us to create version 2 of the training set that has a new and improved shockproof design. You can now practise free-kicks and shooting with the confidence that our new training set design can withstand the power and impact we expect our players to be able to deliver when developing their football skills.

Our Training Set poles now feature all-new high impact materials designed to withstand anything our players give them. The new screw assembly means our training set poles fold down and set up super easy while maintaining the best level of shock resistance.

Of course, the 2022 Training Set still has all the great features that our old training set design had. Designed to be used on any surface whether at home, the park, training pitch or even the beach.  You can also fold down your training set so you can transport and store it conveniently. Practise free-kicks and simulate a wall of players with the training set and then easily transform your training set into agility poles. With the help of agility poles, you can improve your speed and fitness on the pitch so you can perform and train just like a pro!

The Training Set is truly a 5-star piece of football training equipment.

J Turner :

“This is a cracking bit of kit, compromising three of each mannequin, poles and bases. It comes in a zip-up bag and is easy to assemble and vice versa. It’s highly portable and lightweight but sturdy enough for football practice. I got this for a friend’s kids football team, they have all had a great time so far practising their moves and it’s held up well.”


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