Accuracy of the winger

Accuracy of the winger

Football Flick’s player of the week this week has to be Joao Cancelo.  His decisive attacking play at the weekend led to Manchester City’s victory over their local rivals Manchester United.  The precision from Cancelo’s crosses meant that the ball was repeatedly whipped into danger, which ultimately forced the own goal and led to Silva’s goal.  Although Cancelo is a wing back it was his accuracy and his attacking drive that impressed us all at Football Flick. Cancelo has great pace and dribbling ability, he runs up and down the wing at high-speed switching from his defensive roll to an attacking output.  He is certainly proving that £60million pounds was well spent!

Crosses from the wing are always going to provide goals for strikers or at least put the defenders under pressure.  All wingers spend hours in training practicing their technique of crossing the ball into the box with accuracy and precision. Football Flick want young children to emulate their role models and have developed the brand new Hero! range, designed for children aged 3 – 7 years old.  Getting children involved in football at an early age is a great way to encourage an active lifestyle and helps to develop their motor skills.

To capture children’s imagination, superheroes have collided into the world of football and created a HERO! team with footballing superpowers….

The Hero! winger practices daily with his football target course. Target for the winger is the key word, it is all about precision and accuracy. The winger sets up the course to practice taking crosses from different angles. The four flag targets can be set up around the garden in order to score points for each flag you hit.

The Hero! winger also uses the football target course to make sure he has the trickiest feet in the team. He is super speedy and one of his favourite training drills is to us the target course to dribble around the flags, always keeping the ball at his feet. Practicing dribbling with both the left foot and the right foot improves your child’s cognitive and motor skills.

Do you have an energetic child who has plenty of energy to burn, are they like our HERO! winger with super speed and agility?

Practice is proven to aid ability in all sports so encouraging your child to have a ball at their feet from a young age will benefit them in the future… who knows you could have the next Super HERO! winger at home..

The Football target course comes complete with four flag targets, two soft balls specifically designed for younger players, a ball pump and a Hero training bib.


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